COMING APRIL 9, 2013!!

COMING APRIL 9, 2013!!

About Strangely Normal: The (Mostly) True Tales of an Incurable Oddball

Life is often quite serious, but here is evidence that it also looks funny sometimes – at least in retrospect.  Join Kevin Morris as he recounts some of the detours and bumps he’s experienced and skid marks he’s made while traveling the twisting road of life.  Watch him challenge Disneyland’s rules, share a tennis court with high-profile opponents, stare down robbers and thieves, and even do his worst to kill his best friend.  Just about anyone can find something in these tales to relate to, smile about, guffaw at, and enjoy.  Strangely Normal is sure to have you laughing so hard, you won’t be able to read straight.

Excerpts from Reviews

Strangely Normal is a delightful book. The narrator’s voice is marvelous – clever, teenage sassy, but also keenly aware and reflective. It reminds me a bit of Holden Caulfield, except this narrator, happily, is not as sick and troubled as Salinger’s. I love the wit and humor, and my goodness, all those great one-liners! Few people can write good zingers, and this book is chock full of them.”
Robert Hamblin, Professor of English and Director, Center for Faulkner Studies, Southeast Missouri State University; author of This House, This Town and Crossroads: Poems of a Mississippi Childhood

“Anyone who has lived through the teen years and struggled to make the transition to adulthood will enjoy the adventures of Morris and his buddies. Whether it’s preparing for college or enjoying life after a Mormon mission, the author has a knack for hitting the truth right on the mark. And those who may have passed a little further down the road will still find pleasure remembering the adventures of their own youth. Who knows, it may even spark a few folks to write down some of their own memories for posterity to peruse.
Mike Whitmer, Deseret News

“Morris writes with a mix of down-home southern charm and reflective honesty, taking you right with him to Disneyland’s security headquarters, rainy gas stations at midnight, and a stuffy southern schoolroom with a foxy young teacher. It’s a fun read that would make a funny movie.
Erin McClellan, The Saratoga Scoop

“Strangely Normal gives the reader fifteen stories of childhood, teenage years, and young adulthood that offer humorous experiences that anyone can relate to.
Demi Hughes, The Baldwyn News

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